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jahda4659Posté 21/09/2018

Plastic air conditioner cooler mould

Customized air conditioner mould manufacturer, specified supplier. More than 100 cooler mold be exported to more than 20 countries per year, we also have 2 oversea offices to support us better service for air conditioning molding.
◆Air conditioner material:  ABS or PC
◆Air conditioner mold analysis:  Moldflow to check injection point
◆Air conditioner mold design:  3D format in STP, X_T or IGS, 2D design in dwg, or pdf
◆Air conditioner mold steel:  cavity 718H,P20H, 2738, 1.2312; core718H, 2738, NAK80.
◆Air conditioner mold cavity: 1 cavity or more
◆Air conditioner mold standard parts:  HASCO, DME, PUNCH,JINGHONG.
◆Air conditioner mold hot runner:  YUDO, INCOE, Synventive, DME, MOLD-MASTERS,
◆Air conditioner mold gate:  edge gate or point gate
◆Steel treatment:  Vacuum quenching, or nitride
◆Air conditioner mold size: 850*600*550mm
◆Injection machine: 500T
◆Cycle time: 40S
◆Works schedule:  5days design-3days prepare-45days machining-5days assembly, then test.
◆Mold life guarantee:  500000shots or one year.
◆Packing for delivery:  strong wooden case or pallet.
◆Shipment:  by sea after customer approval the final samples.
◆Process following:  weekly process report with pictures or videos
◆Test inspection:  checking list report
◆Payment terms:  50% down payment, 50% balance before shipment
◆Service:  30% spare parts for mold, and 1 year guarantee.

Mold description:High quality air conditioner cooler mould
Purchase orderPO to confirm the order
InvoiceI for payment
Payment:3days 50%down payment by TT
Parts designmodify and confirm
Mold flowBefore mold design mold flow to analysis injection
Mold design:5days to make mold design
Confirmation:After customer confirm mold design start to make mold
Order steel:core 2312 cavity 2738
Rough machiningRaw steel flying knife processing to machine
Heat treatmentSlider and lifters
Harness:After nitride 48-54HRC
Lifters:Nitride with surface hardness 48HRC
Fine machine:High speed CNC, three or five axis CNC
Fine machiningHigh speed engraving machining
Fine machine:Slow wire cutting
Assembly:assembly for testing
Polish:Manual high quality process
Surface finish:High polished
Other:EDM detailed machine
Ejection:Hardness HRC55-60, run automatic
Suitable for:Injection machine
Test:50day after confirmation mould design
Balance:50% balance by TT
Delivery1-2weeks after balance and samples confirmation
TransportBy sea from Ningbo Port China

Why Us?
1. We make more than 100 air conditioner moulds each year and most for foreign customers. So we have most experience and can make good quality control.
2. We have special professional designers and mold makers for air conditioner cooler mold after making so many air conditioner molds.
3. Many customers cooperate with us more than 7years, some are 10years, and their loyalty shows our honest on mold.
4. Quality is the life of our company. We focus on quality and time control. Every mould machining process will be weekly informed.
5. Trust was built on you know better of us. Believe yourself and choose us won’t let you down. Let’s try and know you better. You need good air conditioner mould supplier, and what we need is a chance to show you who we are and what we can do.High quality appliance mould


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